Wedding Proposal Photographer – Yes or No?

Let’s talk about pros and cons of having a wedding proposal photographer. Is it worth it or not? Is privacy and intimacy more important? But the moment flashes by SO fast – would you want to relive the moment forever? Obviously having a surprise proposal photographer at the event of proposal also means you won’t have the privacy you might want. Which means you have to nix out the idea of popping the question at comfort of your home, after Netflix and Chill. Unless of course, having a person hide in your closet or behind the kitchen island waiting is your thing – then you do you. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t send the photographer to your newly bought home and have her hide in the home like Lewis did in the picture below!

Surprise wedding proposal

Proposal Photos are a Lifetime Memory.

Alright – so let’s start with the obvious. For most people this is a once in a lifetime moment. Having a professional surprise proposal photographer capture the moment would mean you will have beautiful photos of the special moment forever. Some photographers like myself also offer a mini-photo session afterwards so you can share them with your friends and family afterwards, too. I usually like to photograph the surrounding area upon my arrival as well, so that my clients will be able to relive is that much better. This is especially the case if you spent the time to decorate it like Lewis did in the above photo!

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descanso garden proposal storygarden proposal

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I find these details so important as most people who are actually surprised with the proposal tend to usually tune out their surroundings. Usually they are busy admiring their ring, and kissing their now FIANCÉ. So let us professional photographers capture every detail around you both. Your outfits, your smiles, the tears, etc. (I did photograph a proposal once where the soon-to-be-bride totally knew something was up, haha. But, doesn’t mean she still was not touched/happy! Water works were totally involved, see below)

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Share the Moment with Your Loved Ones!

Most wouldn’t forego having a professional photographer on their wedding day, so why not on this very special occasion? As mentioned earlier, I usually do offer post-proposal photoshoot on site or in vicinity. Maybe you do or you don’t want to share your happy-tear faces, but you can definitely share the fun photos after! They are great to share to your special family and friends so that they too, can re-live the moment with you. Personally, the happy-tear photos are my favorite. They are so genuine, and full of so much love!

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It Can be Time Sensitive

Perhaps the biggest con for hiring a surprise wedding proposal photographer is that you must stick to a certain timeline. This is especially important if you are doing it in a remote area with no signal, or maybe you are stuck in a situation where you cannot text the photographer. This was a minor problem for Sean and Vee’s surprise proposal as this particular area had zero reception. In the end, I ended up faking up a story about being there (as she knew me) but it all worked out!! See below

los angeles surprise proposal photographerwedding proposal photographer hidden

Photographers Will be Your Guide to Success Proposal Photography

This part is especially true if the couple is on a destination they are not familiar with. Ask your photographer for ideas on location and timeframe. Most photographers know great locations for the perfect spot that suits yourself and your partner best. Let your photographer know your ideas and we’ll be sure to accommodate best as possible. Trust in us, and let’s work together to create the most beautiful proposal.

It’s especially important that the photographer and the person proposing are on the same page. You don’t want to be surprised with the photographer just coming out of no where with camera pointed at you guys before you even propose. Obviously, we as surprise proposal photographer do not want to be surprised ourselves with sudden location change/adjustments too!

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All in all, there’s many things to consider if you are considering hiring a wedding proposal photographer. Even if you are on the fence, consider just reaching out to us photographers and let’s talk! Or, send this link to your partner – you know, *hint hint* surprise photographers are great idea!! *hint hint*. Capturing these moments are one of my absolute favorite even if I never even met them before. There’s just something so amazingly beautiful and I am grateful I have ways to help document it.

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