Akiko T. Liu
Los Angeles | Photographer

Crazy cat lady, craft brewery seeker, your hype girl. The most important thing to me when I am working is that my subjects are at ease, having their best time! Let me be your best friend of the day, but also please excuse me if I cry at your vows. It happens. A lot. Let’s chat, and figure out the best way to capture your special moments!

In our current social and economic climate, we want to make it known that we are here for YOU. We support YOU, no matter your race, ethnicity, or sexual preference. Let us unite the world together with you, spread the love – love always wins.


An engagement photo session is meant to capture the essence of your proposal and to celebrate the announcement of your engagement. Let’s get to know each other!


Proposing? Family Photoshoot? Graduations?
Let’s work together!


I know what an exciting rush your wedding can be. I’ll be there to make sure to capture the special moments that make your day memorable. Don’t fret about the small things; leave it to me. You live in the moment and enjoy yourselves. Its finally the day!


Proposing? Family Photoshoot? Graduations?
Let’s work together!

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I am so happy you are here! Please browse around, and throw me any questions you may have. I love what I do, capturing everyone’s unique stories!