Beach Proposal – Pirate Tower, Victoria Beach

It really is no surprise when I say I LOVE photographing surprise proposals. The genuine surprise, happiness, the tears – there is really nothing else like it. So when Nate first reached out to me about his plans for beach proposal, I was ecstatic! In this blog I would like to discuss how normal proposal photography works with me!


This is obviously the start. Most cases, the proposer will have some ideas/locations in mind. But it really is not a problem at all if you don’t! Most recent proposal I photographed in Pasadena (will blog about it soon!) I gave him location ideas complete with photos. We even met up at a location to discuss plans/decor ideas. For this beach proposal, Nate had almost everything nailed down!

All he had asked of me was to show up earlier than him so that I could meet up with his friends who were setting up the beach “picnic”. This is actually a fun part as well – I love photographing the process to the proposal. Especially if its their loved ones helping set up! How personal and amazing is that?


Most cases I would have location/timing down with said clients. In this case, Nate and Karen were running a little late but it really is no problem! Surprise proposals most often do not go according to schedule but its ok!! It’s part of my package/process, I promise I will not leave/abandon the magical moment 🙂

Once we got notified of Nate and Karen arriving to the beach, their friends hid around a nook of the beach. (If you look closely, you can actually see the couple walking past them, haha). The rest? I will let the photos do the talking!

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*Also not pictured, the set up team and I fighting the rising tide by moving the set up twice to higher ground! haha


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