Engagement Photos At Home – With Plants!

There’s a running joke that dogs/cats/animals are the new children, and plants are the new pets. Do you agree? Honestly, I kind of vibe with it, haha. I have been wanting to do a couples photoshoot at home, surrounded by plants. I am SO happy plant mom/dad Jess and Jim were totally down for this session! Engagement photos at home is quickly becoming a thing, and I am all for it.

At home engagement photos are quickly becoming a thing, and I am all for it. It could be because more and more couples are already living together prior to marriage. Some couples want to incorporate the home they built together. Some might have pets that cannot be outside comfortably. There are vast number of reasons, but honestly its so incredibly fun! I get to capture everyday items my couples use, such as mugs, their couch, their blanket, etc.

Every home is so unique and while you may think your home isn’t “photogenic”, it does NOT need to be! It really is so fun being able to capture moments that you both live in, no matter the style/aesthetic. So if you are considering engagement photos at home – I say do it!

Not home, but hotel sessions are fun, too!




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