Elizabeth + Dan – Surprise Proposal (!) Shoot at Vasquez Rocks

So once or twice a year, I reach out to some wedding related subreddits on Reddit to see if anyone in Los Angeles region are willing to meet up with me to do some free engagement photos at locations of my choice. Often times I find beautiful spots I’d love to shoot, but its always hard to find people who are willing to go that distance. Vasquez Rocks was always on my radar, and I just never got the chance – until this day. When Elizabeth first reached out to me on Reddit she told me they were not engaged, but would love some couple photos. At this point I was secretly wishing that her boyfriend would reach out to me and ask me to photograph a proposal…and it totally came true!! He reached out to me a few days later with the very request I was wishing for.

Dan and I discussed a specific keywords for the cue, and rough timing of the surprise proposal. Everything seemed to go swimmingly for planning, and I was just excited to have the opportunity to photograph this beautiful moment. To be completely honest whenever I photograph these surprise proposal events – I usually end up tearing up, regardless if I know them or not.┬áThere’s just something about the genuine moment that really pulls on my heart strings!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful gallery from Vasquez Rocks – adventure seekers, I definitely suggest to go the small distance (or far) for engagement photographs. (Not limited to engagements, family, bridal, wedding shoots too!) Scenery does so much to enhance the moment, and I am a firm believer that photographs just stops that time for forever to keep.

Akiko T. Liu

Vasquez Rocks EngagementVasquez Rocks Photo

Desert Engagement

Desert EngagementDesert Engagement


Surprise Proposal

Proposal Photo
She said yes!


At this moment he said “Oh no I’m crying” – which in turn, made ME cry happy tears!!



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