Krista + David

Meeting these two were sort of surreal – kind of. Turns out the groom & I went to the same high school (1 year apart), nearly 10 years ago! The bride went to a neighboring high school where I also had a lot of mutual friends! What a small world, right? It was so fun shooting these two, and did I mention the bride was also a soon to be mother? 🙂 Thank you so much for allowing me to take your elopement + maternity shoot! 29063758_1824994870854682_472692266233658119_o31466687_1865042256849943_5930280723926745088_o31490547_1865042070183295_8393861595406532608_o31501630_1865042116849957_4850440398553743360_o31510831_1865042380183264_5234329454553071616_o31514876_1865042303516605_5827400730880770048_o31582321_1865042283516607_7773156224618463232_o31582681_1865042050183297_2550101475829219328_o31646717_1865042213516614_8886787548790128640_o31693277_1865042083516627_4363526433016905728_o


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