A sunrise DTLA Engagement – Vista Hermosa Park

Honestly sunrise sessions can be tough, I totally get it. There’s a lot to get ready (especially if you plan on doing make up), but seriously – its one of my favorite time to do a photoshoot. Especially for a DTLA engagement session, sunrise sessions can be the key to the most gorgeous photos. As most of Los Angeles natives must know, LA can be bit crowded. Not only do we have ton of people living here, but we also have a ton of visitors daily. So why not do your engagement session while everyone is still sleeping? (plus, no traffic!!)

(Seriously, check out how empty this Disney Concert Hall engagement was on a Sunday Morning! Even Laguna Beach Engagement at 8am can be SO much better. My only photo bombers were seagulls.)

Nestled upon a hill, the Vista Hermosa Park is your DTLA engagement dream come true. Not only do you get the DTLA buildings in the background on the iconic bench, the park is filled with lush greenery.

While most weekends the park can be a bit crowded with picnic go-ers, joggers, etc, sunrise time had maybe 6 other people there. (To be honest, I was surprised there were even people there at 6:30am haha). Sylvia and Ben were absolutely awesome willing to meet me there for this early session and I am so grateful. The perfect sun lighting DTLA buildings in soft orange tones, with the empty park – it was absolute perfection.

So if you are considering doing an DTLA engagement – really, do yourselves a favor and consider early Sunday mornings! 🙂

Location: Vista Hermosa Park [link]

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