Jen + Joe Laguna Beach Engagement Shoot

Beach photo sessions can be pretty tricky, because of the high tide in the morning, but when you go in the evening the crowds are just insane here in Los Angeles. You always have to play around with time/date but we also do not want to miss the golden hours of sunrise or sunset! The struggle is real, guys, haha. When Jen and Joe first reached out to me, I was excited they suggested Laguna Beach region for their engagement session. It’s a bit out of the way for most of Los Angeles area, and so its not a big tourist attraction. Laguna Beach is tucked away a little more south of Newport Beach, and its such a cute little city on its own. Their small boutiques on their coast is so lovely, too!

Jen & Joe first met at UC Irvine where they both attended, and had their first date at Crescent Bay Beach. So it was only fitting to come here 8 years later on the very same day they went on that date, on the very same beach for their engagement session. The two along with their 2 adorable puppies met up with me bright and early. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) the tide was pretty high but it made for great photo session! The sun was being all sort of crazy however, from hiding away in the overcast weather, to clearing up and blazing against us – but these two absolutely nailed this session. They were just so natural together, and just ridiculously adorable. Their puppies being there obviously the cherry on top for me – I will never say no to fur babies in our sessions! After all, they are our children! (or is it just me? …anyone?)

After our beach session we moved on over to Crystal Cove because these two awesome people are auto enthusiasts! It was only fitting we did some car engagement session at Crystal Cove, because this location was where the original Cars & Coffee was, too!

Enjoy the gallery as I enjoyed photographing & editing them! Bonus points if you know where the ring is inspired from! (psst, answer will be on the bottom!)

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