Michelle + Marvin Five Crowns Wedding Celebration!

When Michelle originally reached out to me,  I remember casually looking up Five Crows in Corona Del Mar and thinking “oh, its a restaurant”. Little did I know it was related to Lawry’s Prime Rib, and it was simply not “just a restaurant” it was such a cute, charming restaurant space, with a gorgeous outdoor area for a wedding! The entire staff, the decor, everything was just simply so perfect. The mood it set was absolutely wonderful – and as a plant lover, I was extremely excited seeing their gorgeous greenery setup!

I met up with Michelle and Marvin along with their families at Fashion Island Hotel for getting ready photos as well as some portraits. The hotel had a great walkway that made perfect spot for first look, and the greenery there alone almost made it look like we had snuck away into a tropical island!

After a photo session for bridal and family portraits, we went off the Five Crowns located on Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach. Soon as I stepped in the restaurant, I was in awe of the beauty of the building itself! The staff were extremely friendly and accommodating while I ran in and out of the space photographing the set up process, and I was also able to squeeze in some quick photo session before the wedding ceremony. You will see below how absolutely gorgeous it is, and I hope to return again as a restaurant guest sometime soon!

The ceremony is always one of my favorite moments, and it was such a touching moment. The couple had a more private vows to each other (no mics), and I could just tell from their faces how sincere, and the absolute love they felt for each other during it even though most of us could not hear their exact words. It was such a lovely silent moment for the most of us, and I know I will remember their moment.

Post ceremony the restaurant staff quickly converted to dinner, and with the warm string lights overhead, it was just absolutely perfect. Indoor/outdoor wedding receptions are always a perk we have in Los Angeles area because its usually warm throughout the year.

Enjoy the gallery from Five Crowns in Newport Beach / Corona Del Mar!
Thank you for having me, Michelle + Marvin!

Marvin and Michelle at Fashion Island Hotel
Marvin and Michelle at Fashion Island Hotel





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