LA Botanical Garden Engagement – Michelle and Alex

I know, I know – the title says “LA botanical garden” but it’s not. But having lived in Los Angeles all these years, I had never seen this beautiful path until this day! Ferndell Trail is hidden at the bottom of Griffith Park, on the observatory side. Many LA residents likely drive past this hidden gem all the time on their way up to the observatory. Actually, I totally did when I drove up to take pictures of Elisa and Tony’s Griffith Observatory engagement photos.

As a crazy plant lady this place was an absolute dream (although, status on hiatus ever since we adopted our cat. He is the world’s #1 plant terrorizer. He literally devours every living plant haha). Monsteras, rubber figs, peace lilies, sansevierias, you name it…they were all here. Although a short walk, it would be a great place to go on a nice evening stroll. There’s even a decent sized river that goes down the entire path! This spot is such a hidden gem, and so incredibly beautiful I would consider it as an LA botanical garden.

Pro Tip: Avoid here on hot LA days as it CAN get humid in here, which is great for these tropical plants. 

Michelle and Alex were SO incredibly fun to photograph in this beautiful trail. Their silly, fun vibe absolutely shined through and I hope my photos captured it. I can’t wait to celebrate with them end of this year!

Location: Ferndell Trail [info about trail]

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