Alice + Luis Descanso Gardens Photoshoot

Descanso Garden is always one of my most favorite location for photoshoots. Be it family or engagement photoshoot, or weddings(!) the garden has so much to provide all year long. Every season is so different, so I urge everyone to come check out this beautiful garden throughout the year. Even in the winter months, the garden has so much to provide as shown in the picture below.  Descanso Garden is home of a ton of cherry blossoms! The season is coming up, for those interested.

Now onto the couple. Alice and Luis actually met on a flight going to Hong Kong. Alice, a flight attendant for Cathay Airlines, and Luis traveling for business and a friend’s wedding. This is actually the third couple I have worked with, tell me they met on a plane! It’s always so interesting listening to stories how people met, but these airplane encounters are so always amazing. I always thought it was just for movies, but I am totally in the wrong for this one.

Alice and Luis were so amazing to photograph. Their cute personalities, and the love for each other was so adorable. I have always felt blessed to have these amazing clients who radiate with so much in love and happiness. Photographing and editing these memories always give me so much joy.

Enjoy the gallery of Alice and Luis, at Descanso Gardens!

Venue: Descanso Gardens, La Canada, CA

Descanso Alice LuisDescanso Alice Luis 2Descanso Alice Luis 3Descanso Alice Luis 4Descanso Alice Luis 5Descanso Alice Luis 6

Descanso Alice Luis 9

Descanso Alice Luis 12Descanso Alice Luis 13

Descanso Alice Luis 16Descanso Alice Luis 17

Descanso Alice Luis 23

Descanso Alice Luis 26

Descanso Alice Luis 29


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