Leslie + Jonatan Pasadena Engagement Photoshoot

Looking for the perfect Pasadena venue for your engagement session? This hidden garden is a must visit. Nestled right between the 210 and 110, this Pasadena garden is boasting with greenery and flowers of all varieties throughout the year. Arlington Garden is a Caltrans owned land, taken cared by amazing non profit group and team of volunteers. It is also a community supported, water-wise garden. They often host volunteer events where they can teach you how to create your very own water-wise garden at your own home as well.

I actually have come here since this shoot a few times (maybe 4-5 times since), and each week it does not disappoint. This 3-acre land feels much more than it is, with hidden gems in every nook and cranny. Poppies of all colors were blooming last weekend, with ton of other gorgeous flowers of many different sizes as well! This Pasadena venue, Arlington Garden’s team have definitely done a great job maintaining this beautiful garden.

Now onto this adorable couple. Initially Leslie, Jonatan and I had planned to shoot at Descanso Gardens where he had proposed. However due to my miscalculation on park hours (and Jonatan’s quick thinking to check) we avoided missing golden hour by diverting the trip to Arlington Garden. This Pasadena venue is always packed with beautiful greenery, and I am so happy to have shared this with them! It is a must visit for all ages, as a photoshoot location, little stroll or even a picnic.

This perfect duo were such a joy to hang out, and I can’t wait to celebrate with them next month! Enjoy the photos from the beautiful Pasadena Venue, Arlington Garden.

Venue: Arlington Garden

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