Glendale Community College Nursing Graduation Shoot

I actually have never been to Glendale Community College even though I have always lived in close vicinity of it this whole time. The campus was beautiful, filled with greenery and gorgeous architecture. The best part, was that I got to spend it with 5 amazing ladies of recent graduates from GCC Nursing Program. One of the four was not part of the shoot, but let me tell you – these ladies were amazing group of women! I wish them nothing but success in their nursing career.

Marianne first reached out to me about the shoot early December for their upcoming graduation. From my small interaction with her through instagram messages and emails nailing down the photoshoot date, I already knew she was such a sweet, loving person! Honestly, all 5 of them were insanely sweet and radiated with so much happiness, the shoot was so much fun for myself. I hope these photos show how amazing these power women are.

I mostly do engagements and weddings, but these graduation shoots always bring a smile to my face. It’s empowering to know the struggles and hardships all the students must have conquered to reach their goals. I myself know the struggle of being a student, but every person has their own unique history. I love listening to each one, and learning from them.

Oh, and let me briefly talk about one particular woman, Christine. I will not disclose her actual age, but I will say that I sincerely hope to be like her when I am older. After a solid career in graphic designer for years (with her own studio), she decided to go back to school and pursue a career in nursing! It’s difficult to step away from a foundation one has built for years, to switch to an entire new world. I too, hope to continue to learn no matter what my future is like.

Thank you, all of you ladies for showing me how powerful women can be. Again, I wish nothing but success and greatness for all of you!

Venue: Glendale Community College

**Edit to note – we did sweet up those confetti after to the best of our ability! Note to photographers or clients looking to do these shots. I highly recommend bio-degradable confetti. Please avoid glitter, let’s do our best to protect our planet 🙂

Gcc 13

Gcc 3

Gcc 6

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Gcc 17


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