Elizabeth + Royce South Pasadena Photoshoot

So Elizabeth Tran and I have been friends for quite some time now – and she’s the perfect model friend every photographer wants. She’s always extremely fun to hang out with, and always willing to come to my impromptu shoots! This time she reached out to me to take some couples photo with her boyfriend, Royce. The best parts of shooting with friends is that I also have opportunities to shoot at new locations. I’ve been driving past South Pasadena all these times, and never got to actually stop and do a shoot.

So, so glad I got to this shoot with her and Royce! South Pasadena has its own beautiful charm, so unique and lovely at any time of the day. Honestly there’s so many cute, privately owned shops I can’t wait to go back to just stroll around by myself! We met up at 8am while the town was waking up for Sunday Brunch (because South Pasadena has amazing brunch spots!) so the area was still quiet. A perfect time to stroll & shoot.

Thank you Liz & Royce for coming out 🙂

Elizabeth + Royce1Elizabeth + Royce2Elizabeth + Royce4Elizabeth + Royce5

Elizabeth + Royce9Elizabeth + Royce10Elizabeth + Royce11Elizabeth + Royce12Elizabeth + Royce13

Elizabeth + Royce16.jpg


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