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Living in California, especially in Los Angeles I just kind of always assumed we were mostly LGBT friendly. My naive bubble was popped a few months ago when I was photographing another gay couple. They mentioned how they were turned down from quite a few wedding vendors (sometimes rudely), the same stories I remember seeing in other conservative states were also here in California. Soon as they hear “gay wedding” the couple told me some vendors would simply stop responding, or just blatantly turn them down. Shocked to hear this, I talked to some of my local gay friends. Unfortunately they mentioned that they too, have had people yell things at them, throw things at them  for simply holding hands or walking together.

What is their “sin”? For simply loving another human being? For being so happy together, that they want to hug and kiss another like how everyone else does? Honestly it was so heartbreaking to hear all these stories. I know this is getting quite controversial but I feel the need to speak out about this. Throughout my year as wedding photographer, I am so happy to say I have met many couples of all kind. Same sex couples, people from other countries, interracial couples – you name it.  I am so humbled, and so happy to be trusted by all of my amazing, beautiful couple of all race and gender. If you are reading this – thank you, for trusting me and letting me help you capture your love.

Love is Love.
Gay Wedding Styled Shoot

Now to this blog! Seriously though these two KILLED the Gay Wedding shoot. What is there to not to love about them?? Ever since I heard these upsetting stories, I knew I wanted to get a small team together and style a gay wedding. The gay couple I spoke about earlier mentioned after a few discouraging interactions with vendors, they were selectively picking vendors who had gay weddings in their website. The end goal was to make sure it was obvious Akiko Liu Photos is a Gay Wedding Photographer, and a supporter.

This project was something Go Cakes, PUL Flower LA and I had been thinking about a few months. As time progressed, we were able to add on Cottonwood Home, Coppice and Crafts, and Makeup by Audrey May onto the team as well. Although unplanned, this team also happened to be all female, small business owners. More power to US, as well! I have linked all the vendors below for those curious about learning more about them. Thank to all those involved, and Rob and Jun for joining us. I still CANNOT get over this gorgeous couple and their energy. It was a fun filled Gay Wedding shoot, with so much love in the air.

-Florals by: PUL Flower LA [website] | [instagram]
-Desserts by: Go Cakes [website] | [instagram]
-Wood pieces by: Coppice and Crafts [etsy] | [instagram]
-Balloons by: Cottonwood Homes [website] | [instagram]
-Make up by: Makeup by Audrey May [instagram]

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