Birthday Celebration – Vino’s Back Alley

This is a bit of a personal blog post, but I’ve been meaning to share this lovely restaurant/wine bar for years now. My husband, Perry and I have been coming here for about 5 years now (it was actually one of our first date spots), and this was the first place we went when we got engaged as well! Formerly known as Vino at Trios, now Vino’s Back Alley is a hidden gem tucked away right around a corner of downtown Alhambra, California. The restaurant bar is actually attached to Charlie’s Trio Cafe which is one of Alhambra’s oldest restaurants. If you have not been to either spots (Charlie’s Trio or Vino), you definitely need to come here!

From wine flights, charcuterie board, pizza (amazing ones at that!), and delicious cocktails – you cannot go wrong here. I am not exaggerating when I say we come here a lot – for years it was once a month but recently its been every week!! They also have great rotating beer selection hand picked up their general managers,  Gerard and Ivan. Speaking of their staff, every single one of them are so lovely which makes coming here an even better treat! They are incredibly accommodating, and its always a treat to have a conversation with them when we go!

Seriously, I cannot stop raving about this place! It really is a hidden gem in Alhambra off of Main Street. On Saturday Perry and I decided to host my birthday celebration here with our close friends. Vino’s Back Alley was so generous to let us take out the entire place for a couple hours even with our crazy friends!

For menu we had Garlic Truffle Fries (their garlic aioli is to die for!), Cesar Salad, grilled vegetables, Vino Mac and Cheese, and Charlie’s Trio’s amazing, Broasted Chicken. I still regret not eating one more before the night ended…its THAT good. It might actually one of my most favorite fried chicken ever…and I am a self acclaimed Fried Chicken Connoisseur. Oh and we had 2 punch bowls of Old Fashioned and Moscow Mule! To be honest I was never a cocktail person – but their Moscow Mule is incredible, especially with their home made ginger puree!

I should also note that Sunday is all day happy hour! If  I’m not at a wedding or other special events, you can usually find me here 😉 Again, I apologize for a personal blog post today – but Vinos really holds a special place in our heart and I just love the photos I took, I wanted to share them with you all! Enjoy!

Venue: Vino’s Back Alley | 10 N 1st St, Alhambra, CA

Vino in the Back Alley1Vino in the Back Alley2

Vino in the Back Alley4Vino in the Back Alley6Vino in the Back Alley7Vino in the Back Alley8Vino in the Back Alley9Vino in the Back Alley11Vino in the Back Alley12

Vino in the Back Alley13
They have board games to play, too!

Vino in the Back Alley15.jpg

Vino in the Back Alley19Vino in the Back Alley20Vino in the Back Alley21Vino in the Back Alley22Vino in the Back Alley23Vino in the Back Alley24Vino in the Back Alley26Vino in the Back Alley27Vino in the Back Alley28Vino in the Back Alley29Vino in the Back Alley30Vino in the Back Alley25


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