Funsize Ceramics Clay Wheel Throwing Class

I was debating if I wanted to blog about this since its a bit more of a personal post, but why not! This clay class was just so much fun, I needed to share with everyone. Theres quite a bit of photos of the class, but there are also final result photos in the end of this blog post!

Funsize Ceramics offers a fun Airbnb Experience clay class, located just north of Hollywood in quiet and quaint area of Laurel Canyon. Kathryn was such a great teacher,  very patient and kind which made the class that much better. The max capacity of the class is 4 persons, but this day it just happened to be just myself and my friend Angela.

Kathryn’s studio was the perfect size, so welcoming, too! We also got lucky when the sun peeked out as all throughout this particular week, LA was experiencing crazy rain storms. This was seriously the perfect day for clay class and a photo session.

For those of you interested, Funsize Ceramics items are available online. Links will be below for her website as well as the clay class URL, which is hosted by Airbnb. Enjoy!

Funsize Ceramics:
Funsize Ceramics AirBnB Class:

Funsize Ceramics 1Funsize Ceramics 2

Funsize Ceramics 5

Funsize Ceramics 8Funsize Ceramics 9

Funsize Ceramics 12

Funsize Ceramics 13

Funsize Ceramics 18Funsize Ceramics 19Funsize Ceramics 20Funsize Ceramics 21Funsize Ceramics 22

Funsize Ceramics 25Funsize Ceramics 26

So here’s my final results! Not too shabby for first timer? 10/10 would highly recommend anyone thinking about taking this class! It was one of the most fun class ever!!

Also I am obsessed about the paw prints I made…Ugh. Oh, and I finally made a trip to Folia Collective at their new location in Eagle Rock. Got a little plant baby for one of my pots!


Folia Collective


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