PUL Flower LA Flower Arrangement Class

For those of you who follow me on my social media platforms you must already know my new good friend over at PUL Flower LA. Juju and I first “met” virtually online while I was looking through geotags for local florists for a photo project I wanted to work on (separate blog will be up soon!). Her feed is incredibly beautiful, and I knew she was the one I wanted to work with. There’s just something so soothing scrolling down her gorgeous, colorful floral feed.

Our project shoot was about a month ago,  and that was when I learned she also taught flower arrangement classes! Its honestly such a unique idea, and great for future brides or anyone really, to learn basics of flower arrangement. I was extremely ecstatic when she asked me if I could swing by a bit last Friday for a little shoot of one of her class. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the entire class to see the final products but I did get some lovely shots prior and during! Her students were Tawana (@shesofly) and her beautiful mother, which Tawana surprised her with this class! The pair were such wonderful ladies, and watching them construct their center pieces were so fun.

Honestly this flower arrangement class looks so enjoyable, I kind of want to take one myself. It was so interesting watching personality show with each arrangement. Also, I had no idea flower arrangement could be so difficult! It definitely was much more complicated than I had originally thought. There’s just so much to consider while constructing them.

Enjoy the gallery of this fun flower arrangement class!

Location: @PULFlowerLA Studio – Alahmabra, CA (https://www.pulflowerla.com/)
Tawana – @shesofly @Houseofchic.la

PulFlowerLAPulFlowerLA 1PulFlowerLA 2

PulFlowerLA 5PulFlowerLA 6PulFlowerLA 9

PulFlowerLA 10

PulFlowerLA 13PulFlowerLA 14PulFlowerLA 15PulFlowerLA 16

PulFlowerLA 17

PulFlowerLA 20PulFlowerLA 21


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