Renegade Craft Fair 2018

Sorry for another personal post – but I really think more people should know about this awesome craft fair! Also, everyone should visit the beautiful Los Angeles State Historic Park!

Renegade Craft is a traveling weekend event in US and UK, where local artists gather to display all their amazing items for sale. I will link their website below for those of you interested. My husband and I only had little over an hour to look around due to some time constraints, but I am so glad we made the trip! We also had our roommate Angela come with us – and you can see that she thoroughly enjoyed the show, haha.

Check out some of the cute & unique crafts we trekked around today below! If you missed today, check it out tomorrow. Or, it looks like they are coming back in April 2019 as well. Parking can be a bit hectic, so consider taking the metro or lyft.

If I missed any vendor’s names please let me know!

Event: Renegade Fair (@renegadecraft)
Renegade Fair website:
Venue: Los Angeles State Historic Park

Renegade Craft Fair
Look how excited our roommate is, haha.

Renegade Craft Fair

Renegade Craft Fair - Hey Moon Designs
Hey Moon Designs
Renegade Craft Fair – COEL Store
Renegade Fair – Des Signature Life



Renegade Craft Fair
Renegade Craft Fair – Cacoco


Renegade Fair – Made in Mayhem
Renegade Fair – Ilano



Renegade Fair – Madewell Customization Truck!
Renegade Craft Fair
Renegade Craft Fair – The Urban Geometry
Renegade Craft Fair
Renegade Craft Fair – Good Smith Shop
Renegade Fair – Good Smith Shop
Renegade Fair – Vortic Watch Co
Renegade Fair – Upper Metal Class





While my husband and I ended up not buying anything (I need more time to look around! 🙁 Our roommate came back with bags of goodies. Will definitely be back next fair, this time with more time!

Afterwards we ran a little more errands and ended up at Next Republic Kitchen in Alhambra, CA. Just sharing 2 photos from there because I love the decor.


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