Jess + Kathy Los Angeles State Historic Park Photoshoot

Gloomy skies means nothing on this cute little family! Honestly Los Angeles was giving us crazy downpour to sunny skies during March, I was a bit worried. However the sky helped us at LA Historic Park on this beautiful day.

I had first reached out to my awesome Instagram community to see if any same-sex couple were down to do a photoshoot. Kathy reached out to me first and it was perfect timing as she and her girlfriend, Jess wanted to a family photoshoot with their dogs as well. Jake the beagle is actually a quite old pup, but honestly he did not act like it! He was bubbly and so energetic, same with the cute teacup yorkie Chloe as well. I hope my photographs has captured all of their awesome personalities.

Those of you who live local but have not visited LA Historic Park, its a must-go location.  Wether you are looking for a cute picnic location or a place to stroll around, this is the perfect spot.

Thank you Jess and Kathy (and Jake and Chloe, too!) for coming out to LA Historic Park for the impromptu shoot!

Location: Los Angeles State Historic Park | LA Historic Park

LA Historic Park 1

LA Historic Park 4

LA Historic Park 7

LA Historic Park 10

LA Historic Park 13

LA Historic Park 16LA Historic Park 17LA Historic Park 18

LA Historic Park 21LA Historic Park 22


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