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Expecting soon? Congratulations! Maternity sessions are one of my favorite sessions!! The GLOW from the parents to be are always beautiful. Even if it is not your first, this is a big memory and keepsake part of your child. For many first time parents, I totally understand that this is a big change that is coming, but I truly hope it will be the best and most wonderful pieces of your memory. I wanted to write this blog to note some tips and insight on what to expect when you are booking your Los Angeles maternity photographer.

Maternity Photographer LA

1. The Timing

The best time to book your maternity session is typically between 33-36 weeks into pregnancy! BUT, make sure to consult your doctor and photographer if any special circumstances arises. Unfortunately the little ones don’t quite understand calendars, and sometimes things do not pan out accordingly. But it is totally okay, as photographers we absolutely want to make sure you as expectant parents feels safe and comfortable as much as your baby. Consult us, keep us in the loop. We are just as excited as you are 🙂

Or, if you are looking to take Pregnancy Announcement Photos – it totally is a thing! Check out this announcement photo session from Cecilia and Justin! As a Los Angeles maternity photographer, the Santa Monica Pier is everything!

Los Angeles Materity Photographer Pregnancy Photographer

2. Your Comfort is Our Priority

There’s a lot of things happening with expectant mothers’ bodies during pregnancy. Swollen ankles, hormone changes, cravings, and plenty of other changes that may not make us feel all that great. But really, that should not keep you from documenting this most beautiful time. Our bodies are incredible, and creating literally whole new person is wonderful, and so amazing!! I hope you can celebrate and embrace all of it! – But I totally understand some days are just not great at all. And it’s totally ok!! Let us know! Again, our #1 priority is you and your baby’s health and well-being.

Maternity Photographer Los Angeles

3. Treat Yourself

This maternity session is all about you! Get your hair done, professional make up done, get some fresh wardrobe! If all of that isn’t totally you, I always suggest maybe just simple manicure will do. The main focus is your baby in your belly, and you and your partner’s hands will be in a lot of them. (So nail biters, please try to refrain for a little bit, I beg you!!) Worst case scenario, I guess I can giv ey

Baby Bump photography los angeles

4. Location

Honestly this is similar to my engagement sessions, but let’s chat over location ideas! I would love to focus on important aspects of your lives. Where did you and your partner meet? Where do you two like to go? What’s important to you and your partner, and where/what you hope your baby will also grow to love? As a Los Angeles maternity photographer I have worked with many locations, but it’s honestly the best when my parents-to-be are most comfortable in their own element.

5. Be Yourselves

I know this part is easier said than done. But it really is important to remember you are documenting a big mile stone for your future child. – but also about you as parents-to-be. Bring anything that speaks about you and your partner! I had one client who was absolutely into LA Dodgers and we incorporated Dodger jerseys into their sessions and it was so cute! Here’s a session with Clippers fans’ maternity session!

6. Have FUN and Let’s Create Timeless Memory!

The number one important aspect of maternity photos honestly – is to have fun. Just think about your little one, how you will be able to hold them in your arms in just a few more weeks. Again – one of my favorite part is the glow my parents-to-be give. There is just so much love, joy, excitement, happiness radiating! Let me help you photograph this timeless memory.

PS Tip: Bring Your Loved Ones

Obviously your partner is important, but if you have Older Bother/Sister-to-be, bring them! For privacy sake, I will not post minors, but its always SO sweet! The belly kisses, the hugs, the pure love and joy!!! (Although, I did have one toddler who wasn’t TOO happy with being Big-Sister but it was still adorable, haha!) Words cannot explain the happiness I get to capture. This of course goes out to expectant dog/cat/pets-siblings to be, too!!! I will never, ever say no to fur babies joining us!

If you have any other tips or questions, let me know! I’d be more than happy to help. Again, congratulations on your upcoming milestone. May you, your partner, and your future child(ren) be happy and filled with so much love. Los Angeles Maternity Photographer.

Los Angeles Maternity Photographer


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