Shelley + Chris Los Angeles Skyspace Engagement Photoshoot

So here’s the couple who I had the pleasure of photographing their proposal back in January at Spire 73! [Blog Link Here] After proposing at another LA tower, what better spot can we go for their engagement? Another tower in the heart of Los Angeles, but this time at the OUE Skyspace LA. You can spot the Intercontinental Hotel where Spire 73 is, lurking in the back in some of their photos!

I’ll be honest – my husband and I had always said we’d come to Skyspace LA ever since it opened, but we never did…and I am so glad I got to experience this with Shelley and Chris. The view of Los Angeles is so breathtaking up there. We had also gotten extremely lucky by missing the California rain days (it happens, sometimes! haha) by only a day. The sky was clear with the rain day prior taking away the smog as well.

I had always been a nature loving girl, and always enjoyed taking photos in forest, beaches and gardens. City photographing was such a nice change of pace, and I am so thankful Shelley and Chris took me here.  Enjoy the gallery at Skyspace LA! (and if you haven’t gone yet, definitely check it out!)

Venue: OUE Skyspace LA – Los Angeles, CA

Skyspace LA 1

Skyspace LA 4

Skyspace LA 7

Skyspace LA 8

Skyspace LA 9Skyspace LA 10Skyspace LA 13

Skyspace LA 16Skyspace LA 17Skyspace LA 18

Skyspace LA 21

Skyspace LA 26

Skyspace LA 28Skyspace LA 27

Skyspace LA 31

Skyspace LA 34

Skyspace LA 37Skyspace LA 38


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