Christine + Andy LA Superbloom Engagement Session

I know I’m a little overdue on Superbloom related topic in LA but I need to share this beautiful photo set! This gorgeous regional park hidden in San Dimas had the most lush mustard flower fields with such a beautiful lake as backdrop. Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park was such a perfect getaway to reach the superbloom that comes to Los Angeles once a year.

This year LA experienced a pretty wet winter that had a lot of people buzzing about the superbloom. For me, it was important to find not only a great flower field, but also a landscape that no other superbloom searcher can find. San Dimas’ Frank G. Bonelli Park was one of my top contenders as I researched for some fields as it had a lake. To be honest, until I got there I wasn’t exactly sure what I was expecting. I was just hoping I can find decent field next to the lake, and I would have been happy.

Oh I was SO wrong – in a good way! I got there a bit early to scout, and after finding a decent patch on a hill I decided we should hike up that little hill. Seriously, I cannot just stop raving about how absolutely gorgeous that location was. Beautiful sky with puffy clouds, gorgeous big blue lake, and just a ton of yellow mustard flowers everywhere! The little walk was absolutely worth it.

Now enough with the talking, but more photos! Enjoy the gallery!

Location: Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park

Los Angeles Super Bloom 1

Los Angeles Super Bloom 4

Los Angeles Super Bloom 7Los Angeles Super Bloom 10

Los Angeles Super Bloom 11Los Angeles Super Bloom 17Los Angeles Super Bloom 14Los Angeles Super Bloom 15

Los Angeles Super Bloom 20

Los Angeles Super Bloom 25

Los Angeles Super Bloom 28

Los Angeles Super Bloom 29Los Angeles Super Bloom 30

Also! Christina and Andy brought their best man and maid of honor who were such a blast to hang out with. They also got a mini session that they said will be showing as they do their speeches. Such a cute idea 🙂

Los Angeles Super Bloom 31Los Angeles Super Bloom 32

Los Angeles Super Bloom 35

Los Angeles Super Bloom 36Los Angeles Super Bloom 37

Also bonus – my husband ended up coming this day as we were testing a film camera. These two were MVP bag holders for the ladies. Thank you 😛

Los Angeles Super Bloom 40



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