Elizabeth + Khushro Glendale Wedding

Finally getting around to blogging my first 2019 wedding! There’s so much to be said about Elizabeth and Khushro’s wedding at Saint Mark’s in Glendale, CA. The sweetest couple, with the happiest friends and family, all together in this gorgeous church. It was just such a beautiful day, filled with love.

This wedding at St Mark’s in Glendale had so much to offer. The church itself is absolutely gorgeous, but the courtyard was also a beautiful spot to take photos, despite it being noon time with harsh sunlight. As a side note, its’ been quite a while since I got to photograph a full Catholic Wedding. I am so happy I had the chance to do so again! The ceremony was filled with amazing choir, it was so romantic and so beautiful its a bit hard to simply put into words. The atmosphere of the church filled with these lovely people – it was simply perfection.

The two both had adult children who absolutely loved them, and everyone was radiating with so much love! It was clear everyone felt immense happiness for them, it was such a lovely reception. The ceremony and the reception toasts, everyone had just something so lovely to share about them. I sincerely hope my images tell you their stories.

Thank you Elizabeth and Khushro for allowing me to capture your beautiful Glendale ceremony and reception!

Venue: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church
Catering: Mad Hatters Custom Catering
Floral and Event Planner: Fabulous Functions by JaneĀ 

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