Los Angeles Intimate Backyard Virtual Wedding

2020, where to begin? While many couples decided to postpone, some decided to host a small, intimate backyard virtual wedding. No matter what the decision was for everyone I sincerely hope nothing but the best! Times are rough still, but wishing for a better 2021!! While I had the pleasure to photograph many backyard weddings, this pool side Los Angeles backyard wedding was one of my absolute highlights. I have received many comments and questions regarding this wedding, and I am so excited to share more photos!

Many 2020 weddings had online ceremony, but have you heard of online RECEPTION? I was so blown away with the planning and execution by the couple and their family and friends. They had friends tuning in across the nation and even across the globe!! But before we discuss about the reception, justĀ look at their backyard wedding setup. Pool side, overlooking beautiful LA, situated on top of a hill. What is there not to love about that? The ceremony arch was made by the groom’s father, and check out that custom jacuzzi side table!! The floating lotus flowers in the jacuzzi, beautiful, big balloons in the pool – everything was so incredibly gorgeous. Also, I’m honestly still OBSESSING over De Flora’s design & decoration. They did such a fantastic job setting up the ceremony space and switching to reception, too!

Intimate Backyard Virtual Weddings

Now for reception – as I mentioned earlier, the couple decided to live stream the reception as well. They had few cameras going: one for the bride and groom, one for the “hosts”, their close friends who would control the monitors, and one just simply overlooking the reception setup. The host would swap between people tuning in remotely or the couple, to ensure everyone got to view everything smoothly. They even had a large screen monitor to show online guests’ screens for those attending the wedding in person, so no one was left out! It was so heart warming to see people across the nation giving them toasts, and friends and families across the globe in Korea turning in, too! The couple was so, so loved and it was beautiful.

These intimate backyard weddings might not be what many of us envisioned, but truth be told I absolutely love them too. It’s always so cozy, filled with only your closest family and friends. With micro weddings, the space is always filled with so much love, its wonderful. If you are still debating between waiting it out or hosting a small backyard wedding, let’s chat! We can discuss pros and cons, and weigh out some options.

Florist/Event Planning: De Flora LA [website]
Makeup Artist: Make Up by Jina [Instagram]
Rentals: Premier Rentals [website]
Cake: Mackerel Cake [instagram]
Dress: BHLDN Amy Kuschel [website]

You may have also recognized the couple and their doggies at my PuL Flower Studio Floral Bridal Shoot!



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