Akiko Liu
Pasadena Wedding Photographer

Married, with a 4 legged child that meows. As a Pasadena wedding photographer, I believe in affordability without sacrificing the quality. I love capturing the true essence of my subjects. While staged, dramatic photos are also beautiful, I believe real laughter, real moments, real passion make images that much better.

As biased as it may sound, photographs are timeless pieces. These are your memories you can look back at next day, next year, 5 years, 10 years, and maybe something your future families can look at so many years later.

So let me help you capture your beautiful day. I know what an exciting rush your wedding can be. I’ll be there to make sure to capture the special moments that make your day memorable. Don’t fret about the small things; leave it to me.

You live in the moment and enjoy yourselves!

Pasadena Wedding Photographer
Akiko T. Liu

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