Akiko T. Liu
Los Angeles | Photographer

Marketing expert during the weekdays, a crazy cat lady armed with cameras on the weekends! I am an absolute believer in my Sony Mirror-less cameras and usually shoot with 2 cameras on me at all times.

The two lenses that are usually glued to my camera bodies are Zeiss Batis 85mm for gorgeous, creamy bokeh portraits and one for wider, still-sharp 35mm Sony Distagon lens with Zeiss glass. If your location requires wide, open shots, I also have beautiful Zeiss Batiss 18mm lens for that as well! Prime lenses are my go-to, and I also have a macro lens and other portrait lenses to capture all the small details of your day.

In our current social and economic climate, we want to make it known that we are here for YOU. We support YOU, no matter your race, ethnicity, or sexual preference. Let us unite the world together with you, spread the love – love always wins.